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For the right change of perspective for all questions in the work context.

To prepare for a difficult conversation, a demanding presentation or an important decision! I am your professional support exactly when you need it, because going into tomorrow's important meeting with a clear attitude and an open mindset is exactly what you long for!

✅ You can think through difficult situations and matters under professional guidance.
✅ You quickly come up with new ideas, opportunities and insights that will support you in your job.
✅ You gain personal security in your actions, without nagging self-doubt.
✅ You are clear and structured on the go, and you radiate security and trust.
✅ You use your potential and pull your people along at eye level.
✅ You can also leave your professional issues in your free time and devote yourself entirely to your family.
✅ You look forward to your challenges because you can reassure yourself emotionally.


change of perspective

A successful cooperation

get into conversations

Appreciative & effective communication


Under the motto Together in the forest, I will guide you, dear participants, carefully through the forest. With the view of the forest guide, you walk along 5 to 7 selected stations. There we use the conditions of the forest for sensory and perception exercises and create references to togetherness in the form of metaphors. You will find out what the forest has in common with the world of work and what we can learn from it for our working relationships.


After the varied walk through the forest, we remain in a fixed place. There you come together as a group to do things together:

• every single one of you is asked.

• every point of view is needed!


Pure cooperation and excitement! Together to success. Together with Waldsam we end the event with a total work of art. I will tell you more about this on site

How many?

1 to 30 participants


How long?

Half-day/ full-day bookable



Forest near you or Hochspessart

Stefan S., management of a medium-sized company

"I need you as a mentor at my side for my emotional strength and stability!"

“Thank you very much for the great forest event that we were able to experience with you. The forest is a wonderful environment to get away from everyday business and get fully involved in working on common topics as a team. The exercises you prepared for us were very well chosen and gave us some new insights into our collaboration and suggestions for the further development of our team. Thanks!"

Melissa Sommer, TH Aschaffenburg

  • Annual participation in CA Coaching Academy network meetings

  • Organizational Constellation (WISL)

  • EOL trainer (EOL – experiential learning)

  • Coaching training as a coach for business (IHK, DBVC)

  • Further training as a forest guide in Wohlleben's forest academy

  • Business coach (IHK, DBVC), team coach and trainer

  • Lecturer at Aschaffenburg University, Faculty IW

  • Dipl.-Ing. industrial engineering

  • Dipl.-Ing. chemical technology

I have been a coach and entrepreneur for more than 15 years and have worked in large corporations for many years.

Get in touch now and get an outside perspective.​

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