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For the right change of perspective for all questions in the work context.

How does this all work? Let me know where you would like support and book a free introductory appointment.

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Right now you need a neutral person to talk to, because, for example, the next meeting with the management, a difficult appraisal interview, salary negotiations, an appearance in front of the workforce or a conflict discussion are pending.

Right now a conversation partner who listens and asks the right questions! Would you like prompt support? 



Are you longing for a professional boost? Would you like to put your professional career to the test because, for example, you are no longer making progress, everything is far too much for you on Mondays, you feel overtaken by colleagues or simply to see where you stand, to take stock, so to speak, to plan further development. Then my VIP Empowerment is just right for you!



The wow in your life.

You see that you have so many options in life, but you are not sure which way to go?

You think your life is good, but you think it could actually be a little nicer?

Then you are right with the “The wow in my life”. In this 5-week master class you will learn everything you need for YOUR WOW.

Next date: autumn 2022.

  • For managers who are under pressure and have little time!

  • No time for coaching, but still wanting a neutral conversation partner

  • When there is time pressure due to upcoming topics, appointments

  • At the beginning: 1 bonus online inventory (60 minutes)

  • Duration of just-in-time support appointments: 15 to max. 45 minutes

  • phone, zoom

  • Free email support

  • Total scope including bonus: 4 hours

Your added value!

  • Prompt appointments when it is urgent and you want someone to talk to right now.

  • It is stress-relieving, clarifying, time-saving.

  • It will give you momentum gain.

  • You gain confidence in your appearance.

  • It is your always open ear!

  • You can secure your own ideas and your brooding is finally over.

  • Online: Easily accessible from anywhere and available promptly. Every Monday and Wednesday between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. & appointments are possible by arrangement.

 Support - possible issues

  • Successfully master salary negotiations

  • Confident appearance in front of the workforce

  • Conducting difficult appraisal interviews in a goal-oriented manner

  • Boss with reluctant behaviors

  • Overwhelmed as a manager - how does employee management work? Especially in the digital age - team in the home office, how do I lead my team?

  • Desire for reorientation/professional change, but don't know how? What?

  • How do I behave - as a manager, project manager - in conflict situations?

  • How do I get my leaders to relate to their team?

  • I'm supposed to lay people off/ cut jobs - I'm reluctant to do it, it bothers me a lot

  • Professionally successful - privately forgotten 

  • Permanent fear of losing your job, worry about being able to maintain the level


Are you looking for business coaching to put your personal professional situation to the test? Would you like to get out of the chaos, the crisis of meaning, the professional and personal confusion into clarity and structure? As your sparring partner and source of inspiration, I will lead you professionally and insightfully to your full potential. You get an overall picture of your situation and learn in the coaching process to tackle difficult situations in the future without brooding and with ease. Orientation and focus guaranteed, along with having fun and enjoying your job and life. My VIP Empowerment ensures your professional boost, with positive side effects on your private life and personal happiness.   Talk to me.

How does the VIP Empowerment take place? 

Period: 8 to 10 weeks; Appointment duration: max. 90 minutes; Intervals between appointments: 1 to 2 weeks; Online via Zoom, you will receive an invitation link with the appointment; free email support

Possible topics

  • You are in professional and private chaos!

  • You would like to reflect on yourself, on drastic events in your everyday work.

  • You would like to have tools and aids at hand in order to master critical situations in a considered manner.

  • You want to be able to manage conflicts.

  • You want to get out of the stress mill, away from the thought of "burnout".

  • You want to have a job that gives you daily satisfaction.

  • You want both professional and personal success.

MASTERCLASS - The wow in your life

Is this in for you?

  • My 20 years of experience as a coach

  • 5 weeks of intensive exchange in group sessions

  • 1 personal 1:1 session with me

  • Workbooks and videos for the individual modules

  • 4 weeks of 2 hour group sessions (always take place in the evening)

  • In the buddy system you always have an accountability partner

  • Alumni community with regular events (optional)

  • Mixed group

  • Personal access to all documents for 6 months


Then you are right here:

  • You started a job after your studies - but it doesn't feel really good.

  • You are not sure if you are already on the right path.

  • Your career or study decision doesn't feel 100% right.

  • You would like support on how to continue after your studies.

  • You don't know exactly why you're here.

  • You still lack the concrete meaning in your life.



  • We start together on May 19, 2022.

  • I'll accompany you for 5 weeks.

  • You get a workbook and videos for each week.

  • We meet 4x for the group session, where we go through the weekly topic and clarify your questions.

  • You also have a 1:1 session with me (max. 90 minutes).

That's what the participants of the Masterclass March 2022 say

“All in all, the course reveals step-by-step what has been dormant in me for a long time and what has recently receded into the background due to factors such as the corona pandemic, private stress and my daily routine at work – my potential and my willpower, something to change. The result was, among other things, my resignation from my current job (which I had been struggling with for months) without anything new in my pocket. To this day I don't regret it one bit.


Through the right questions and a change of perspective, I became aware of my opportunities, values and abilities. In every session, Christiane pushed me to look deep into myself and ask myself questions that I would not have thought of myself before - but whose answers I knew very well. Some insights were surprising and some uncomfortable, but they were all meaningful and instructive for me.

We not only went in search of clues as to how I became the person I am today, but also thought about every direction in which my professional journey could lead. Christiane understood who I am. And she encouraged me to go my own way.


I particularly recommend Christiane's coaching to young professionals who, after years full of university stress and their first professional experience, realize with disillusionment that the job in a group, in a consultancy or in an agency is not what they had imagined for years and now, maybe in their late 20s, again search for meaning. Who have a lot of potential, but don't know how to use it to the full or that it even lies dormant in them. Or those who simply need a professional mentor in this now unmanageable business world with endless possibilities.


Thank you Christiane for your time, your impulses and your perspectives. I've really evolved because of you."

Helen R., Frankfurt

Dear Christiane,

it is very admirable that you even manage to create a trusting environment for your course participants virtually.

I have always felt understood and respected.

With your wealth of experience, you were able to understand many of my sources of dissatisfaction and many of my challenging situations.

For me, the greatest added value of the course was not only our conversations, in which you were able to give me new approaches and ideas,

but most of all the new perspectives you brought to my thoughts about myself.

Your objective perspectives are worth their weight in gold.

I saw many of my values and abilities in a completely new way and was therefore able to accept them.

I now see the weaknesses I once thought of as unique strengths.

Since our course I have a more confident and strengthened self-image of myself and am very proud of my achievements.

Even if they seemed insignificant and small to me at first.

Your method case is full of exercises on how to develop such an awareness.

In particular, writing down the answers "in black and white" to specific questions is very helpful.

Thank you for the good feeling I had after each of our sessions! It's good to fall asleep with a smile.

Emilia M., Berlin



As a friendly coach, I empower professionally successful managers, people in their mid-twenties after their studies/first job and slowed-down academic mothers out of their crisis of meaning and into their full potential.

As an entrepreneur for many years and a mother of three, I know exactly how it feels when responsibility and the abundance of daily tasks weigh heavily on you and drain your strength. 

The longing for orientation, focus and joy in my job and life was my guide through my professional change; from the machine as an engineer, technologist to my actual profession of working with people and back to my professional performance and my full potential. 

Today I give my clients the chance to find a professional and quick way out of difficult situations - with my business coaching - the so-called empowerment.

Tailor-made support - guaranteed with side effects on the private environment and happiness in life.

heart beats brain


Mann bei der Arbeit

"I appreciate your level-headed and pleasant way of conducting conversations, your alert attention and open approach. What distinguishes you in a special way is your engineering and organizational experience and skills in connection with coaching skills and professional and family management experience. I would like to see women like you on supervisory boards and in responsible positions.”

dr Walter Spreckelmeyer

Meeting and coaching with Christiane is a blessing for me. With her calm and relaxed manner, she has a special sense and feeling for people. Your knowledge and professionalism never ceases to amaze me. She encouraged me to go my way and to believe in myself again. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart Christiane."
Anja Neumeier, entrepreneur

Ms. Kleyna has accompanied me very effectively over many years in my career as a manager. Her structured, calm, level-headed approach and ability to empathize with my ever-changing situations is remarkable. Your suggestions, the conversations - be it on the phone or face to face have helped me tremendously - especially in very difficult situations - to gain clarity and new energy. A cautious guardian angel, with effect
Peter B, Managing Director

I would like to thank Christiane for the opportunity of online coaching: Thanks to her open and cordial manner, I felt that I was in good hands and understood even during the video session. If anyone manages to make you feel good, it's Christiane. She took away my fear of the future and encouraged me to go my own way. She gives valuable tips for life - even beyond business coaching. Thanks very much!
Katharina A., project manager





Are you still unsure which is the right offer for you?
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