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About me

For me, coaching means...

The neutral, unclouded view of people with all their facets!

Change of perspective with depth and lightness!

Customized promotion and development!


  • Business Coach (IHK, DBVC)

  • EOL trainer (EOL – experiential learning)

  • Forest guide (Waldakademie Wohlleben)

  • Industrial engineering engineer

  • Chemical Technology Engineer

  • (Group experience in international project management

  • laboratory and institute experience, SMEs)

Thematic focus

Individual coaching

  • New in the leadership role

  • Women as leaders in technology

  • From team member to manager

  • Management of international teams / management remote

  • develop self-management skills

  • Management of difficult employees

Group / team coaching for executives

  • Appreciative interaction in the management team

  • Team building – “Successful together”

  • Mastering difficult team situations


From 1985 - 2005

  • Project management of interdisciplinary teams in an international technological environment

  • Project management in the field of environmental and asbestos analysis for SMEs

  • Specialist position in environmental analysis laboratories

  • Business coach (IHK, DBVC), team coach and trainer

  • Lecturer at Aschaffenburg University, Faculty IW

  • Dipl.-Ing. industrial engineering

  • Dipl.-Ing. chemical technology

knowledge and experience

  • Support and accompaniment of companies, executives and specialists

  • Project management and project management on an international level

  • Leadership management of global investment projects

  • Cooperation with international suppliers - with the managing directors of the companies to be supported, through the executives to the responsible specialists

  • Resource planning and coordination of all functions involved

  • Laboratory organization (GLP)

  • production management and logistics

  • Economics and Business Administration

  • time management

  • Teamwork

  • joy of communication


My strengths in coaching 

  • Targeted analysis of the situations/

  • Guide to change of perspective and

  • Self-awareness/ generation of

  • AHA experiences and

  • Opportunities for action/

  • Establishing a positive attitude

References & Network

  • Academy Wuerth of Wuerth AG

  • GIZ – Society for International Cooperation GmbH

  • Arcondis GmbH

  • Bloche GmbH

  • FME AG

  • Exxon Mobile Inc

  • gm innovation GmbH

  • metalog

  • Hitt GmbH

  • Other SMEs and private customers: project managers; executives and department heads

  • DNLA Discovering Natural Latent Abilities - Associate

  • Technical University of Aschaffenburg - Lectureship

  • (Teaching and training of social skills in technical project management)

  • IBM storage systems - many years of experience in global project management / project manager responsibility for technological investment projects up to €5 million / interdisciplinary and bilateral communication and cooperation across all hierarchical levels

  • Battelle Institute/ AMU TÜV Hessen

Anker 1

network partner

Anker 2

training price

"The METALOG® Training Award 2018 in GOLD goes to Dipl.-Ing. Christiane Kleyna. She submitted an impressive individual coaching version of the METALOG® training tool SysTeam under the name "Coaching with SysTeam and Bodylearning". She accompanied a managing director in the course of drastic changes in his company (retirement of individual employees from the team) and used the tool to analyze the current and new team situation and to visualize the perspective of the managing director. In this way, she managed to get the coachee to do something physically and mentally and to make use of the emotionally charged situation to prepare for the tricky appraisal interviews.

What was special about the process was that the coachee could physically feel the shaking of the record and put it into words. Through this physical learning, he became aware of how much he himself is involved and how urgent it is to take suitable measures that serve to relieve himself and ultimately the team.

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